I feel it's important to have a code and live by it. I'm not too concerned what your particular code is, as long as you have one and stick to it I can respect that. That is obviously the short answer.

My personal code generally amounts to doing as little harm as possible and doing good whenever possible. I feel there are small moments in almost every day where you can make a difference. This may be as small as waiting twenty seconds to hold a door because you see a disabled person approaching. It all counts. If you can avoid doing harm then small acts of goodness push you increasingly further into the plus column.

When buying something I will drop my loose change into a charity collection box if one is available. I don't go out of my way to donate or donate in large amounts. But my feeling is that if everyone did small acts of goodness whenever possible and tried to avoid doing anything harmful the world would be a much better place.

Perhaps surprisingly good manners feature prominently in my code.

I enjoy surprising strangers with random acts of kindness. I feel that a small gesture from me could improve their whole day and could result in a pay it forward kind of scenario.

Sadly I tend to hide my more generous qualities from my friends and family. I think many of them would associate kindness with weakness.

I do not believe in any kind of god yet I feel my lack of religion strengthens my own personal morality. I believe there is no point to existence and that life is essentially painful and meaningless. I don't wan't to make that situation any worse. We're all in this together so let's make the best of it.