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    Instead of creating new thread or bumping old threads for each album, I'm gonna use this to "review" the albums I listened to. Now don't expect deep and comprehensive assays from me, I'm gonna rate each song one to five and add some notes if necessary. Feel free to contribute and share your ideas or your own reviews.

    Well, I'm starting with Simon Werner a disparu by Sonic Youth. It's the soundtrack of French film Simon Werner a disparu...

    All songs are instrumental.

    1. Thème de Jérémie 5/5
    2. Alice et Simon 4/5
    3. Les Anges au piano 4/5
    4. Chez Yves (Alice et Clara) 4/5
    5. Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre 5/5
    6. Thème de Laetitia 3/5
    7. Escapades 3/5
    8. La Cabane au Zodiac 2/5
    9. Dans le bois / M. Rabier 3/5
    10. Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia - a 1:17 track
    11. Thème de Simon 4/5
    12. Au café 4/5
    13. Thème d'Alice 5/5 - 13 minute song
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