Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life.

It blew me away because I did not think Tim Armstrong was capable of making music of this calibre. I really don't like the new Rancid, and the old Rancid is nothing more than okay. I have always steered away from this record because I thought it was some soft Rancid music without Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen singing (Matt Freeman is the best vocalist in Rancid, why can't he sing more often like he used to in Rancid 1993?). But this doesn't sound like Rancid at all.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a perfect record. Tim still sings very annoyingly, and nearly all of the lyrics are too simple for me and even some times dumb. Not all the songs are good either, but what blew me away is that he single-handedly managed to make a decent record.