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    I was addicted to snorting Oxycontin last year. Not the worst level of addiction....I could go days without it if I wanted to, but it took a lot of effort, it completely sucked, and when I wasn't using, I thought about it constantly. I also spent wayyyyy too much money on that shit. It was definitely a serious problem.

    My mom found out about my problem in a completely unexpected way. I was on Yahoo Answers and another addict asked a question, which I answered. Turns out, all your email contacts get notified if you answer a question on Yahoo Answers (FUCK. It's apparently a default setting?!). Well, I guess it was for the better.

    Now I see a counselor and get drug tested twice a week. I've cleaned up my act thankfully. But after being in the program for 2 months, I started drinking again. Just by coincidence, I had not drank any alcohol the first two months I was in the program. I began drinking, and alcohol began showing up on my tests. It was at this point that I was informed that I cannot drink either.

    I went along with it for a little while, but I recently said fuck it and started drinking again. I try to drink a lot of water to beat the tests, but I really don't care much if get caught because I think it's bullshit that I can't drink occasionally.

    While I know that it's true that alcohol can be very addictive, and that I am at especially high risk to get addicted, I also feel that obviously at some point, I should be able to drink again. Who's to say exactly when that should be? I mean, I'm not going to be a 35 year old man turning down beer just because of a problem I had in my early twenties. I've never had a problem with alcohol in the past either, especially since I get the worst hangovers ever.

    I've been clean for over four months now, and I think I should be able to drink a few beers. Thoughts?
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