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Thread: Offspring vs Dixie Chicks - Which band is more popular in USA?

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    Default Offspring vs Dixie Chicks - Which band is more popular in USA?

    It's not a trolling question by any means, what drove me to ask this question is both bands' follower count on Twitter.
    Dixie Chicks nearly have 10 times more followers, which in most cases would lead you to acknowledge which band has more popularity. But Dixie Chicks isn't much active since 2006-2007 and Offspring released two albums since then. I don't know much about Days Go By, but I'm aware that Rafrag was an above average rock album by sales count and Offspring's music is more universal arguably then the Chicks'. Is this fair margin in Twitter followings can be solely interpreted on Dixie Chicks had their vocal moments about political situations or they're being from an area that does not produce successful musicians as much as California give them a clear advantage about loyal following; well I guess that statement would be unfair since Dixie Chicks had some recognition with prestigious awards, which can't be said about Offspring. But still I think it has to be closer than 10 times.

    I hope this belongs in this section. I was thinking of making poll a but it isn't necessary, objective insightful thoughts will be enough.
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    Both bands are about average in the US. They were both hugely famous around the same time in the late 90s, both retained some decent fame for a few years into the 2000's, and now both are kinda "oh, they're still making music?" to the general public. Both still have pretty large followings, most of which have been fans for at least a decade, but aren't attracting a whole ton of new fans. I'd say they're about equally famous these days.
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    the dixie chicks because they made fun of george w bush at some awards show

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    offspring is cool

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