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Thread: early soundboard offspring gig

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    Default early soundboard offspring gig

    Hey kiddies, as promised in another thread I dug up the tape I made of an old Offspring show, ripped it, sliced it up into mp3s and placed it here for y'all.

    That link will eventually go away so grab it soonish and share it with yer friends :)

    This show was at Gilman St. in Berkeley CA, summer of either 1990 or 91, can't recall for sure now. I wanna say they were opening for L7 but it might have been somebody else. I used to have an acquaintance who worked sound there and sometimes if I remembered to bring a tape he'd let me pop it into the board, this is the only copy and has never been booted or released elsewhere, enjoy. Sorry about the last track cutting off, it was a short tape and ran out just before they finished.

    Also from the other thread, here's a picture I took at this show here:

    Still unpacking boxes so if I find more I'll try to scan them.

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    Awesome Jon! Thanks a lot, gonna listen to it right now.
    * !

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    thank you!

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    shit like this is much appreciated

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    that's a relic! WOW!!! Thank You! Really appreciated!
    There. I hope you enjoyed our time together today. You know, it seems harder and harder to just sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. Well, till next time. Ta-ta

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    This is totally awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jawhn View Post
    This show was at Gilman St. in Berkeley CA, summer of either 1990 or 91, can't recall for sure now. I wanna say they were opening for L7 but it might have been somebody else.
    it was this show :
    Jun 14 1991, Berkeley, CA - United States

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    Thanks a lot

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    Thank you, Jon. :-)
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    I appreciate Jojan.
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    jawhn, could you upload that flier somewhere and put link here?

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