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Thread: Drawing Offspring

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    Default Drawing Offspring

    The Offspring is coming to France! So I draw a comic about it!
    Hope you like it

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    Snoopy? Schould I search for Wally? Huhuhu. I don't know french but I get it, only last line you could translate, if you want.

    Poor kid.

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    i had a hard time reading it, first i don't know any french. second its not big enough

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    Stagediver killed the little man?

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    Who have you replaced Greg with?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tijs View Post
    Sometimes I love Jojan <3
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    Jojan is not ignorant. He is the king. You are the enemy.
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    I appreciate Jojan.
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    LOL!! Jojan you are my favorite!!
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    Jojan fucking owns!
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    lolz, jojan's right boob = hawt
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    Jojan, you are awesome
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    Jojan für den Sieg.
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    I like Jojan's signature.
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    Jojan for President!
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    I actually think Jojan is pretty funny in his own right.
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    Jojan's signature is the longest and most beloved. <3
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    Maybe because it came from Jojan, and Jojan rules.
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    Jojan is right

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    this is what google translate says for the last line:

    noon! y 'fed up with rotten songs! We want to punk!
    Kevin: We never talk about my glasses; they're cool! We talk about Greg's penis, we can talk about my glasses.
    Ron: Really fuckin' big man.
    Brian: Yeah, just for the record, Greg has the biggest penis in the band. It's 7 1/4".We all got drunk and...
    Flipside Magazine 1989

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTheOne_NL View Post
    this is what google translate says for the last line:

    noon! y 'fed up with rotten songs! We want to punk!
    Thanks, I was too lazy to type it manually into translator. I guess this noon is like noooo!

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