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Thread: The Great Southeast Stoned Out Wrestling Champions

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    Default The Great Southeast Stoned Out Wrestling Champions

    This is my band. I sing and play guitar. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    listen to "salma hayek"

    thanks a ton

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    I'm thoroughly impressed. Nice mixing, nice vocals, nice everything.

    What's your set-up like?

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    Thanks a ton man,
    Well Im kind of spoiled.. Im a young dude that teaches special education so all my money goes into my gear. I basically studied what the guy from Middle Class Rut does..
    I play a les paul custom into an Orange Rockerverb 50 which is my main guitar sound.. I use an aby box by Radial to split the channel and the second signal i would kick in for heavy parts which goes through a pog (drop what Im playing an octave lower) and then an mxr bass di into whatever bass amp i can get my hands on. I use to have another Orange head(rocker 30) I had to sell, but I used to just play into that with just the pog. It basically just takes what you play on guitar and makes it into a subwoofer in a car. Really fun.
    Best part is you can have different effects going on to sorta make stuff sound like its more than it is.. little bit of delay.. when you use the whammy you get to keep the actual lead going with the tweaked lead..
    thanks again man.. really stoked someone listened
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    Both of those songs are the same caliber of most things being played on contemporary rock radio right now, if you ask me. You're also an outstanding vocalist. If you can record another seven or so songs as good as those two, you could have a very strong debut album.

    "Good Morning" kind of reminds me of some work by the band Hum. These are their songs Stars and I Hate it, Too, from the album "You'd Prefer an Astronaut" if you've never heard of them before.

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    Wow this Hum band is really rad. Only heard of them before, never listened. Really dig it though thanks. I Hate it too is pretty cool. Both sorta have that soft intro to hard instrumental which I love.
    Also thanks a ton really appreciate it. I had never fronted a band until recently.. always just wrote songs and handed them off to another singer.
    We have the songs just saving up money to record them.. A few of them I have to scrap the vocals and start again.. Really thought thanks a ton. Offspring have been my favorite band my entire life so to have a few fellow fans kind words means a lot.

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    You're very welcome, but your music speaks for itself. I'm not a musician, myself, nor do I know how the music biz works (Moderator Little_Miss_1565 works in the music industry doing something or other, you might shoot her a PM if you have an industry question), but it seems to me if you're interested in doing this for a living, just keep writing good songs. I've always been a firm believer that a good product will sell itself, half of the time regardless if you want it to or not.

    I like Hum, too. A good brooding type of rock band. Very underrated gem of the '90s.

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    yea I mean I think you have to be pretty huge to play music for a living now... so I dont think about it that way.. I watch what I end up doing with my time and it usually goes to writing songs. But we'll see maybe some song will come along that is really good and help us out.. being completely honest Im not counting on it. But if anyone sees our name out there in southern california bills come out and say hi.

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