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Greg Graffin really? his voice is really low... I could sing br songs for hours without having any voice problem...Same goes for Billie joe for example... Tony sly and Bizzy are good singers can't say anithing on that. I think the only comparable singer for the range is Zoli who sings half step down too and live doesn't sound so good, I prefer Dexter. I'd really like to hear something upon this on the next podcast
Singing low doesn't make someone a bad singer. At all. He's clearly more of a baritone. And Dexter has problems even when he sings low. He doesn't sound good live on songs like Kristy or Fix You or A Lot Like Me. Billie Joe is not a good singer at all, either. But he makes up for it by being an exciting, energetic frontman. Dexter makes up for his lack of singing skills by being an excellent songwriter.