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I saw this thread pop up and read when it was posted. I still have something to say about it. The people that say Dexter sucks at singing were probably only thinking about those times when he was either sick or fatigued from touring too much. He sings falsetto and at a very loud volume. It's extremely difficult to maintain those pitches at that volume for long stretches of time, and it's even harder to remain of key for any amount of time. The haters don't realize that and have obviously never tried it themselves. Dexter is a smoker and his voice hasn't suffered as much as other singers that smoke. So, he's doing something right.
That NME idiot clearly hasn't heard the Offspring songs that haven't hit the radio. So much for an informed reporter or whatever he is. He should listen to "Fix You." Not one of my faves, but he'd have a new appreciation for Dexter's voice.
First of all, Dexter does not sing falsetto... if you think he does, you clearly don't know what falsetto actually is. Singing high =/= falsetto, and it's also much easier than falsetto. Also, lol @ the idea of falsetto in punkish music

Second of all, he's a pretty bad singer, and I say that based on hundreds of live videos I've watched, plus the concert I went to. Dexter almost never sounds really "on" when singing live.

Third of all, Dexter's voice sounds good on record when he's yell-singing, but he sounds awful when he tries to sing low. He gets very nasally, doesn't sing from his diaphragm at ALL, and it's painful. I can't listen to songs like Kristy and Fix You, and that's a big reason for it. He has to yell-sing to make up for the fact that he's not a very good singer. PS: I've heard every Offspring song made.

If we're ONLY comparing him to other untrained singers who choose to smoke a lot despite their singing and choose to sing out of their range, then I guess he's okay. But that's a very small portion of singers that we're judging him against. In the grand scheme, he's a pretty bad singer.