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    Default Musicians who give entertaining interviews

    What musicians do you find give very entertaining interviews?

    If you have links to videos, post them...

    Here's Rivers Cuomo, being really pissed off during an entire interview on some Australian talk show:

    Here's Maynard James Keenan, being annoyed by an interviewer who is a complete tool:

    "It looks so emotionally draining for you when you it like therapy for you?"
    "Yeah sure. Therapy."

    Maynard was bothered by that because she sort of was putting words into his mouth and acting like he should give this typical misunderstood rocker

    Here's Henry Rollins being a dick/trying to intimidate a younger kid who is interviewing him:

    The kid is just a bit of a tool, but the way Rollins acts is unwarranted.
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