FFVII is constantly rotating with Chrono Trigger as my all-time favorite video game, so the kid in me is really happy about this, but the cynical adult on the exterior knows that this project will most likely be sub-par at best. People have been clamoring for a remake of this before remaking things was even a trend, and if you think about it, it's always kind of deserved a high-quality port that had a lot of time and love spent on it. There are several instances in-game that show the game was a tad incomplete, and it was delayed several times until they were told to put a rush on it and cut a couple of corners. Despite that, it still came out as one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

All this said, I should note that since I graduated high school and my parents stopped buying my entertainment, I quit buying consoles. I haven't owned a current-gen system since the PS2, and I'm kind of out of the loop on gamimg. When my brother bought his Xbox 360, I played the Gears of War games pretty heavily, but that's about it. So, I had a question concerning how a game like FF7 would fit into the current model of gaming. If I'm not mistaken, are all current RPGs not free-roaming MMO-like behemoths? Again, I haven't been really keeping up, so I could be entirely wrong, but I assumed that the power of this and the previous generation of consoles had made this the new norm, so would a super linear game like Final Fantasy 7 have an audience? Unless they REALLY changed things around (which is probably an awful idea) and made it to be more like Borderland and the Elder Scrolls games, I kind of worry that it would be seen as archaic. I personally kind of dislike the MMO-style games, because I'm a person whose totally into the grind and doing everything, so I get kind of overwhelmed by games like that and end up quitting early on. Then again, I haven't played any Final Fantasy title since 10, so has Square kept this traditional format alive? I don't think any of the newer FF games have been particularly good anyway, have they?

Also, the general sentiment from people who like quality entertainment has become "reimagining/remaking = shit", and for good reason. They always seem to end up like rock supergroups - good in theory, but never seem to live up to the hype. People have wanted this remake since the early 2000's, and all we got was a long string of mediocre spin-offs that no one really asked for or remembered as a service to the game's legacy. I guess I'm just kind of worried that this is going to be going the same way as the weird movie that didn't really seem necessary, or the awful shooter game.