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    Well, well, what wasn't my astonishment when I came face-to-face with a 3m-wide photograph of Simona (aka The Goddess) in the metro, advertising for our state-owned railway company.

    Naturally, I snapped it at once, knowing that a week from now it would be gone.

    When I say Simona, I really mean her lookalike, complete with red enamel, fair complexion, freckles from sun exposure, light-blue eyes, straight-to-wavy "dirty blonde" hair, parted in the middle, smooth forehead, facial bone structure, similar nose, smile, and chin, and you do have to understand that I am not the most observant of women, that I have never met her, that all I ever saw of her is a couple of 3-inch wide maximum pics on a monitor screen, that those date back 10 years and that you have to allow for some slight convexity.

    Still, judge for yourself:

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