Remember that podcast project that Carson, Adrian and I began a couple of years ago? Well, it's back!

After spending two years having a punk rock vacation, our fearless Punk Police team have come back from their (totally unpaid) leave of absence to interrogate Québec City’s own, Étienne Dionne. You may know him as the drummer and vocalist of Mute; but did you also know that he’s a fan of RnB? Upon discovering this, we knew we had to bring him in and get to the bottom of this. Is Étienne as punk as his lightning-paced music makes him out to be? Or is this drummer vocalist adding a third instrument (the instrument of deceiving us) to his repertoire? Find out in this ruthless interrogation conducted by the fearless Punk Police.

Topics in this interrogation range from:

- Using scissors for punk rock destruction
- Busting teeth and puking on-stage
- French in North America = punk rock??
- Singing with No Use For a Name at the first Tony Sly tribute show

Songs played during the interrogation:

- Mute - To Be With You
- Not On Tour - Waste of Time
- Not On Tour - Waiting In Line
- Hellbenders - Memorize It

If you'd like to to check it out: