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Thread: Taylor Swift vs Nikki Minaj Twiiter Beef

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    Default Taylor Swift vs Nikki Minaj Twiiter Beef

    Check out a popular Twitter user by the name of "Aggressive Asian". She's one of those radical social justice bullshitters. Like JohnnyNemesis. Man, that guy was such a pussy whenever anyone cornered him in argument. Anyway, she commented on the Taylor Swift/Nikki Minaj controversy and got a lot of recognition. Her tweet was featured in several articles about this incident. I've seen a few articles about how TS made the whole thing about herself, including one in the Huffington Post. The groupthink of her supporters is mind numbing. No rational person could possibly believe that Minaj was referring to anyone else BUT Swift. Yet, they are willing to overlook that if it means giving them a chance to spew some radical social justice bullshit.

    Um, like, what do you think?

    Edit: To clarify, I have no problem with fighting for social justice, I just think the extreme/radical types are usually bullshitters and I'm getting tired of them and their influence.
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    Do you listen to the Biggest Problem in the World podcast, by chance? It's Internet humorists Maddox and Dick Masterson. They're both intelligent individuals who became known and sometimes hated for personas they created on their humor sites.

    Basically, they each bring in a problem every week, and the listeners vote on which problem is bigger. One of the more compelling problems that was brought in was the existence of these "Social Justice Warriors" you reference.

    Here's the link to that episode if you've never heard of the podcast or this particular episode.

    Edit: I just realized I called it the Biggest Problem in the World. It's Biggest Problem in the Universe.
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