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Thread: Last movie i saw pt2

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    It's actually been a while since I watched a movie... last two I seen were I Saw The Devil and Puss In Boots. lol 2 films that are about as different from each other as it's possible to be, but both are awesome!

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    Suckerpunch & Bitchslap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anya82 View Post
    2/10 (a "2", just because I didn't see any "zipper" in the aliens)

    What a crappy movie. A failed attempt of a prequel for the ALIEN movies.
    It's not exactly a prequel. Riddley Scott confirmed that in an interview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outerspaceman21 View Post
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 9/10

    Great movie. Sad ending, but sooooo good.
    Yep absolutely great. Love it

    Guess I'm gonna watch The Philly Kid later today.

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    Powder Blue 7/10

    Pretty good movie. Very melancholy throughout with a satisfying conclusion. I will admit, though, at times the brooding nature of the film was kinda thick. I had a bunch of friends hype it up for me, telling me how great it is. I'm a little disappointed, but overall I enjoyed the movie.

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    Default Prometheus 10/10

    Of course I'll watch anything important in Alien or Predator universe. Now, it's time for Alien vs. Space Jockey, Space Jockey vs. Predator or all of them together. :d But, Prometheus and Predators are asking for a sequel, so this first and then mix it up again.

    "Alien" obviously needed another direction and I'm fine with it. Maybe, they could have done it more innovative and answer all of the questions, really nail it, but that would be risky. The budget was kinda limited. Maybe, it tried to do too many things, so the sequel could be even better concentrating on fights or what made Alien so great and then answer or pull some deeper questions off.

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    The Ides of March - After Driver, it was definitely nice to see Ryan Gosling talking. Films about politicians and their entourage heading the elections apparently don't work for me, although it was one of the best of that genre that I've seen so far. And nevertheless it was nice to watch it.

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    Thanks to influence from this BBS.

    So I just watched 1954's Godzilla.

    If you buy into the time it was made (9 years after the atomic bombings) and the technology available, it's actually a phenomenal film. I can see why it spawned the entire kaiju genre.

    The characterization is great, the acting (one or two parts aside) is more than passable, and it plays so incredibly well into the post-nuclear fear that it's almost impossible to disparage.

    Seriously a 9/10 for me. Easily the movie I've had stick the most in my mind since JCVD.
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    Few days ago I saw 'Man Bites Dog'. I do not recommend it to anyone. It's loathsome and pretty depressing, and scary, and sad. But since it's supposed to be exactly like that, I say - strong 7/10.
    I'd feel sick and francophobic after seeing that to the rest of my life probably, but luckily, 'Intouchables' are pretty french too. And brilliant, funny and optimistic. I saw it today, my soul was saved this time.

    And 'Prestige' was awesome. I enjoyed how they were annoying each other, I enjoyed Tesla plot a lot, and Christiano was somehow very good. I didn't like few things, but it doesn't matter. It was interesting film about magicians.
    ps. Emilia Clarke <3

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    Recently I enjoyed “Snow White and the Huntsman” in 3D, Chris Hemsworth’s and Kristen Stewart’s performance were really awesome and I just loved the story of this movie a lot.

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