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    I hated Snow White and the Huntsman. It just blatantly pandered to girls so much that they even felt Florence & the Machine would suit the closing credits. It felt like a highly condensed Lord of the Rings made for girls. Like if the one ring to rule them all was bought at Claires. And came with a free ear piercing.

    This, coming from someone who is no stranger to the chick flick genre. Most rom-coms today have quite a bit of "boyfriend humor" or action shoved in places so that guys can convince themselves that the preview looks funny and don't feel bad shelling out twenty bucks for a movie date.

    The new Spider-man movie is pretty decent. I haven't seen the Tobey/Raimi ones in quite a while so I'm lacking a side-by-side comparison, but I don't remember hating the first or second one of those either. It feels a little unnecessary, but who am I to turn down more spidey?

    The new Oliver Stone flick, Savages is good, but has a terrible ending. I can't say more without spoiling it, but generally I enjoyed it. I am possibly biased, because I'm pre-disposed to the lovely Blake Lively from closely following her terrible television show. It was also fun to see Kick-ass playing someone else.

    Edit: Also, I watched the Royal Tennenbaums because I've never seen any Wes Anderson and it was suggested as a starting point. It was funny, I can dig black comedies. Honestly, I felt like Bill Murray was probably the weakest part of the cast (yes, even moreso than Ben Stiller) which worries me, because the other two that I've got queued up, Rushmore, and the Life Aquatic he figures to be a major factor. Any thoughts?
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