I think this is the first Oliver Stone movie that I quite enjoyed.

Bits of the story were a bit too "hippie-ish" for my taste, but overall it was a lot of fun; Del Toro was awesome. Its style/astheti reminded me a lot of a Tony Scott movie.

Dark Knight Rises

I loved it: probably my favorite of Nolan's trilogy.

Not sure where to begin really: all the callbacks to the previous two films were outstanding: it really felt like a satisfactory conclusion to the storyarch. I loved the scale of it: it seemed almost like a Bond movie at times (plane part of the intro).

Tom Hardy's performance of Bane was phenomenal, and dare I say, it is at least on par with Ledger's joker. At times Bane was absolutely terrifying/intimidating but he had personality, he wasn't just this thug, he had a quick wit (ie his lines during the stock exchange scenes); he was quite literally the anti-Batman. And his accent was perfect.

There really wasn't a weak performance from the rest of the cast either, JGL was tight as always, Hathaway totally won me mover too (i was dreading watching her: she's been absolutely unlikeable in just about every other movie she's acted in): but Michael Caine as Alfred was by far the best acting of the entire trilogy.