Saw Skyfall this weekend, and Seven Psychopaths and Birdemic with Rifftrax commentary a couple weeks ago.
Having never seen any of the classic bonds (I've only seen the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig ones), and it being such a long time since I've seen the non-Daniel Craig ones, I can't say much about how it stacks up in the grand scheme of Bond films, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and it was probably the best of the last Craig ones to date. The Moneypenney reveal was dumb, though.
The trailers for Seven Psychopaths left me with the feeling that it was trying way too hard, but since it got such good reviews I figured I'd give it a go. While it was fun, I still felt like it was trying too hard both to be meta, and to have crazy, ridiculous characters.
Birdemic was horribly made, horribly written, horribly acted, and the sound constantly went from almost ear-destroyingly loud to being impossible to hear, and it was awesome.