I actually prefer the first Thor too (though the second obviously improves on numerous individual things), though I'll never get the humor thing.

It's not excessive in this, and it's still less than all of the Iron Man movies, especially the third. There's some genuinely hilarious shit in this, and it flows well enough within the story without feeling forced or just jammed in there.

There's plenty of stuff to criticize about the movie, so much of it feels rushed and concepts just kind of sketched out without being fully realized, but it's lame how everyone seems to want the Marvel movies to be totally grim-dark Nolanesque affairs. Sometimes it gets a little forced, sure, like the two Iron Man sequels (though I love the third), but overall these guys are just following the "3 parts serious, 1 part joke" philosophy, which totally works.

The first movie's better because it's more substantive and directed by someone who gets the most out of actors, not because it has a couple less chuckles.