dorkrockcorkrod, welcome!

Yeah, I guess I have to admit that at the times their songs sound pretty similar to songs from other artists. But so what? This is nothing new. Take Come As You Are for example, Nirvana kind of ripped off Killing Joke's song Eighties, which in turn borrowed the main riff (not a 100% exact copy mind you) of The Damned's song Life Goes On. Then we have Deep Purple's Child in Time, which used the keyboard intro of the song Bombay Calling by It's A Beautiful Day. This "ripping off" business is far from being a new thing.

But it can get annoying that The Offspring are sometimes being singled out as the worst thieves in music history. They aren't the only band borrowing from others, and that's ok.

P.S.: I don't think The Future is Now and Savior are all that similar. They are both fast, punk-ish songs with a somewhat similar structure, and perhaps the vocal lines in the verses sound a bit similar too. But the overall feel is what matters for me, and that's completely different. So yeah, they are similar, but not nearly enough to call them carbon copies of eachother.