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Thread: Weirdest YGGFK cover I've ever heard.

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    Default Weirdest YGGFK cover I've ever heard.

    I'm not really sure where this thread belongs to, but anyways, I have just watched this and I had very mixed feelings about this attempt of cover... I didn't like it for many reasons, she was reading the lyrics and didn't took the time to learn the pace and rythm of the lines, she tries to improvise new melody variations throughout the song that doesn't fit most of the time and she doesn0t stick with those so the song make a little sense, she changes the beat frequently, her voice is not that bad but kinda weird... I'm just posting this to kind of keeping the forum alive, bighead's thread about it really got me (???)...


    OMG now this is a very very good cover!! I love the way she hits the guitar, lol.
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