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Thread: Weirdest YGGFK cover I've ever heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickHimWhenHe'sDown View Post
    I figured the link would lead me to that video. Yes it's the best version.
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    Definitely like the blonde girl's cover the most. I'd even listen to it over the original. KickHim's link was pretty good, but other than the fact that she has a sweet voice, the cover as a whole isn't really anything special. The blonde girl has way more skill, and really owned the song.

    Plus, dance, baby, dance was cute

    Edit: when the girl in KickHim's video talks at the end, it totally ruins any goodness in her cover. Ugh. Can you play up the "I'm such a cute sweet dumb little girl" act any more? Blonde girl definitely seems to have more personality, as well :P
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