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Thread: Tracklist revealed !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovellamas View Post
    THE BAND has released other SONGS that haven't been RELEASED, as well. HOW are you so sure that they won't BE on the album, but Pass Me By WILL?
    DON'T be so HARD on him. He said MAYBE even in the 1st post and then that it wasn't confirmed.

    He is hopeful and it's possible. I'm hopeful too, but probably it will end up as a b-side or it will be released for something special. Or on the 10th album in 2016. :d

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool 2 hate 681 View Post
    Alright, thanks. I forgot all about that post.

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    no problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool 2 hate 681 View Post
    Gringo ranch? Holy hell! That's genius!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodles

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    I found the official tracklist, Never mind all the fake ones. The real one is as follows:
    1- Stop
    2- Posting
    3- Fake
    4- Tracklists
    5- And
    6- Wait
    7- For
    8- The
    9- New
    10- Album
    11- To
    12- Be
    13- Released

    Now that is a good song set. You can tell the band worked long and hard to make this album somthing to be proud of just by looking at this tracklist. Shame on those who posted the fake ones. cheers to me for finding the real one
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    I want their new album to have at least 14 songs this time. 12 is too short, especially if there's gonna be a song or two we won't like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jojan View Post
    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
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    For selfish reasons, I hope he's really dead. I really don't want to become known as "That guy who keeps making premature death threads for ethnic-looking dudes."

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    Agreed, the more Offspring the better.
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    I used to collect old offspring bootlegs, I have them on a hard drive somewhere. Crossroads, Something to believe in, come out swinging, never gonna find me, dirty magic (electric in austrailia, and acoustic in austrailia) i definitely have.
    Mark, we're not giving up.

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