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Thread: Supreme Court on Health Reform

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    What a bummer, it sounded quite cool as a band name.

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    Honest question, who actually read Bighead's first post? I read his first sentence and then realized he wasn't talking about a band (okay I guess I realized because of the thread title, but his first sentence confirmed that). I then decided to make a joke.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jojan View Post
    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
    Quote Originally Posted by XYlophonetreeZ View Post
    For selfish reasons, I hope he's really dead. I really don't want to become known as "That guy who keeps making premature death threads for ethnic-looking dudes."

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    Mr. Obama, please don't fine me because I can not afford Obamacare. Mr. Obama, please don't arrest me for not paying the fine. No offense Mr. Obama, but you're an evil son of a bitch. Fuck you and your devil horns Mr. Obama.

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