I wish I could say that I've never heard of Justin Bieber, not because I think he's the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind, or because I think he's is singly handily ruining modern music. I wish I could say I'd never heard of Justin Bieber because I'm fucking tired of hearing grown ass men drone on and on and on about a teenager who creates music SPECIFICALLY TARGETED AT YOUNG GIRLS.

I can't pinpoint the day the name Justin Bieber became recognizable to me and synonymous with the kid who makes manufactured pop music, but I would be willing to bet everything I own that I know who he is because some 20something dude was calling for his death, calling him a faggot, or something along those lines. I know people like to talk about him as if he is occupying every facet of media and they have to deal with a Bieber onslaught everyday of their lives, but I find that incredibly hard to believe. Even if you have a Bieber superfan for a little sister and you are actually subjected to him on a daily basis, why the fuck you'd want to subject everyone else to it as well? I guess what I'm getting at here is, if grown ass men stopped complaining about Justin Bieber most grown ass men would never even know about him. Said grown ass men need to grow the fuck up and realize that they are not going to have the same taste in music as little girls, different demographics and shit.

So, that's one rant I wanted to get out there. On to the real topic of this thread, who the fuck thinks this shit is clever or an accurate representation of generations and music?

First of all, why would anyone ever choose to compare genres like this? It's always frustrating when people make such baseless and outlandish comparisons, but this one is straight bullshit. Not to mention that cherry picking some of the most famous artists from the last 40 years and using them as a generalized example for entire generations is just plain silly. Apparently bad music didn't exist until the last 10 years. It's not like people forget about all the shit bands from past generations because they were shit bands.

Also, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I'm pretty sure Led Zepplin had mostly shitty lyrics (including these) and stole plenty of material at one point or another, so that's pretty cool. Yeah, I said it, Led Zepplin pretty much suck. I know next to nothing about Tupac and have no comments to make about him.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be giving honest or legitimate criticisms, but there is a huge difference between that and people throwing around death threats or baseless claims that all modern day music is void of talent and it's all shit. If some people spent half as much time looking for new music as they did concerning themselves with what Justin Bieber is doing and complaining about new music, they'd find out that we might be living in one of the best, if not the best time for music, in history. Seriously, artists have never had so many freedoms in regards to making music, and it's never been so easy to find artists that practically tailor their music to you taste. Mostly though, they wouldn't have to complain about it anymore and I wouldn't have to hear their vapid bullshit every time I open my internet browser.

So, is there anyone who disagrees with me and has any kind of reason outside of 'lololo biber is gay, stairway to heaven fiveever'?

TL;DR: Kanye West is the greatest artist of all time, OF ALL TIME! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯