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Thread: Justin Biber or: How I Learned to Stop Obsessing Over Music Created for Preteen Girls

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    I'm sure this is just a reiteration or generation differences. Do you think everyone loved the Beatles when they first appeared? If you ask me, there seemed to be a lot more screaming/moistening girls in the crowd than guys. And what about the older people that didn't like them? Are we just going to call them ignorant asses now? No. They didn't like that music, just like you don't like Bieber. I will laugh my balls off if Justin Bieber is just as big, if not bigger, as he is now. Just. Like. The Beatles.

    And this doesn't just apply to the 60s or the Beatles. Look at Hanson. If you ask anyone that only heard "MmmBop" during their days in the spotlight, that person will tell you how retarded that song was and how retarded that band was. If you ask anyone that's given that band any sort of chance outside of "MmmBop", they'll tell you that they could be one of the most talented bands still playing today (ugh... I feel like Tizz right now). Teenage girls loved it; everyone else hated it. Same with ANY hair-metal from the 80s. Teenage guys wanted to be them, and teenage girls wanted to fuck them. Their parents thought they were the devil.

    No band from one generation can be better than a band from another generation. They're two completely different things. There are too many factors involved in the comparison. What was popular before this? What activities are people involved with while listening to this? Will sales come more from live events or album sales? It's easy to take a "good" band from the past (even a years ago kind of past) and compare it to a "bad" new band. That good band was a reputation built as being a good band. That alone could smash the competition. But what about two bands that are considered classics? What if you compare Chuck Berry and Michael Jackson? I don't want to hear anything like "lol but chuck berry is black" or "MJ TOUCHED LITTLE BOYS." We're talking about two great artists. Most people will tell you that Chuck Berry was one of the first to shape the way rock and roll came to be. Those same people will tell you the Michael Jackson was the world's greatest entertainer. The point is that they're from two separate times. The people that listened to Chuck Berry would have thought that MJ was complete garbage. The people that listened to MJ would have called Berry and dinosaur. We as the later generation can appreciate both, though. They're still two completely different sounds, but we know that they are good.

    The sooner everyone realizes that this isn't something you can control with bitching and "thumbs-downing" videos, the better. Music evolves and grows, just like people's tastes and preferences. It's useless to criticize Bieber. He'll still have fans. He'll still make music. Hell, we don't know just how long he'll be around. He could turn out to be one of the late greats that we compare to "stupid new shitty music."
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