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Thread: Justin Biber or: How I Learned to Stop Obsessing Over Music Created for Preteen Girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovellamas View Post
    Holy shit, IF, you liked two out of five albums by a band and they were your number one, all-time, super-duper, favorite band ever?? Dang... music must be really disappointing for you
    I knew someone would say that. Big surprise that it's you!

    I actually loved the old punk stuff back in the day. LOVED it. I'm saying that I can't stand it now. It makes me feel like an old fuck to say this, but it just sounds like confusing noise to me anymore. Hahaha. But, say, ten years ago, I couldn't get enough of it. I genuinely wanted to make sweet, sweet love to all of their albums. Until Sing the Sorrow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovellamas View Post

    Depends on what you mean by "early". Personally, I'd call Answer That, Very Proud of Ya, and Shut Your Mouth to be "early"; Black Sails, Art of Drowning, All Hallow's, and STS (though STS is a buffer between this group and the "new" stuff - though it was much more mainstream than its predecessors, it sounds a lot more like them than it does DU or Crashlove) to be "middle", and Decemberunderground and Crashlove to be "new". If you mean "early" as in "early", then I have to disagree... I can hardly listen to any of those first three albums. A song here and there is cool, but god, those albums sounded the same the entire way through. If by "early" you meant the middle group, then I would definitely agree. AFI in their golden days... while I enjoy Crashlove, nothing they've done since STS (or surely will ever do again) could possibly get me as excited as Black Sails to STS.
    While Black Sails and Art of Drowning are the best albums they made, I really like Very Proud of Ya. He Who Laughs Last is a great opening for an album. I can see how people find the album a bit long. 20 songs is a bit much to swallow and differentiate during the first listen.
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