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    Default Jojan facts.

    Jojan's left boob is slightly bigger than his right. He isn't really worried about this condition, though.

    Jojan is generally tired of pointing out that Swedish fish candy is not his country's lone export.

    As curious as Jojan is about the weight of other people's piles of nails, he has never revealed how much his own pile of nails weights. He considers it proprietary information and merely laughs at those who will reveal it without a second thought.

    NickyNineDoors' posts make perfect sense to Jojan. He wishes he'd post more often. He feels like they'd be friends.

    Jojan once wrote a full research paper that scientifically proved that poo is, in fact, the color of brown. However, he never tried to have it published. He didn't think anyone else would understand.

    When Greg K. noticed that Jojan had him in his avatar, he reportedly mumbled "Hey. That's kinda cool." Greg has not spoken since, other than to say "Take him out."

    Jojan convinced Amiralanal to forgive me for recommending banning him several years ago. Jojan rationalized, "Come on, man. He has a cool cartoon professor-guy in his avatar."

    Jojan speaks Swedish. This was the one language that not even Sin Studly could speak. Jojan once tried to help him by sending him a recording of his own voice and told Justin to fall asleep while listening to it. Justin responded by calling him a "faggot." To this day, Jojan doesn't really think that he tried hard enough.

    Jojan has already corrected 3 of the facts in this post in the future. Yet, they are still facts. Only Jojan understands how this works. It makes perfect sense to him after a few beers.

    Jojan doesn't understand all the fuss about "Bumpin' in My Trunk." This is because Jojan has been bumping in his trunk since the year 2003.

    Today is Jojan's birthday. Happy goddamn birthday.
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