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Thread: Playmate as aide-de-camp at Mexican political debate

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    Default Playmate as aide-de-camp at Mexican political debate

    I just wanted to share this with you guys. I really have no opinion on this, just think it's cool and fun, nevertheless the seriousness and validity of the whole thing, but well, this is how it goes.

    Yesterday, the 4 candidates to the presidency of Mexico had this political debate about their plan for the country and their goals if they take office, and well, this woman (NSFW) served as an aide-de-camp for the debate.

    It was TT on facebook and twitter, people argument about the seriousness given by the IFE (federal electoral institute) by hiring this stunning woman in that provocative and not so professional dress.

    As I said, I have really no opinion on this because, even if it's target of mockery, it's actually very stupid, she's just a model, there are more important things to discuss about this whole thing, so I just think it's cool to have a playmate hosting the event.

    What do you think?


    Mhmm... this is my first thread in the politics section, I must be growing up...
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    I do not see a reason for her to be there, nor why there is a lot attention to her being there.

    Focus on the politics, por favor.
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    My dear eyes cannot even focus nor concentrate due to her beauty and curves. My gosh, I feel like a little pervert.
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