Hey Everyone,

So the music video shoot was pretty darn cool. Very fun crowd and it was really neat to see what goes into a music video of this caliber. There were a good amount of fans that showed up along with a bunch of passerby's. They did multiple shots, probably 8 or so in total, some views from behind the crowd, then one just on Noodles and Greg, then one just on Dexter, then a last one shooting the crowd from the stage.

Hopefully this is okay to be posting these pics, they don't give too much away. The Assistant Director/MC person said to just not be posting pics and videos to facebook/twitter during the video shoot to avoid potential problems. I didn't get too many pictures during the event since there was a camera on me, but I got a nice video when the camera was shooting the stage. However, I will refrain from posting that to not give too much away, unless there is high desire or a bunch of other videos pop up on the net. I just don't want to be "that guy"

If The Offspring or anyone else wants this removed, please let me know or feel free to delete the thread.

Oh, and before the shoot began I was able to meet Greg who was just walking around, seems like a great guy. Then after the shoot I was able to meet and get pictures with Dexter, Pete, and Noodles. They were kind enough to hang around and take pictures for those who wanted them. It was awesome to finally be able to meet them, made my life! Thanks to all four of you for providing such an awesome evening!