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Thread: DAYS GO BY Album Cover

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    Yay, let's troll all the threads with aimless negativity.

    What a donkey-mounter. You can say you don't like it without being so much with ze lamez.

    But going back to what a few other people said, it IS pretty hilarious seeing this cover for the first time, taking into consideration Cruising California. Love it. I'm getting an odd feeling about this one, since Splinter I've kind of eased back on getting too hyped about "whoa, new Offspring albumz!", but it wouldn't surprise me at all if this disc is somewhat darker than RAFRAG, singles aside.

    DGB the song doesn't do a whole lot for me, it's kinda-sorta enjoyable without eliciting any major happy-happy-joy-joy reaction like Hammerhead or YGGFK did last time, but for some reason I'm thinking overall this is going to have far less of the "skip past this to the next one" tracks than the last two albums. But maybe I'm talkin' outta my ass. Here's hoping not.

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    Oh, I reconsider now! It's a very exciting cover afterall, what with the greyness and the old man! I'll say i don't like it any way I like, it's my opinion thanks. Personally I've never been much of a fan of cover art that is just a photo.

    There are positives of this cover of course. There is no flaming skull, it's good that they've moved past that. Now I may have said there has been no good covers since America, but this is the best since then. The previous two were worse than this.

    And more and more people buy 'albums' from iTunes anyway, so there is less need for cover art. This may look good as an LP cover though, nice and big, especially if it has some awesome vinyl colour that is in contrast with the grey.

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    It's totally fine for you not to like it, but being a negative nancy is kind of a bummer. It's way more difficult for others to be able to join the conversation if you don't keep it constructive. There's not much that can be said after "fuck this, it sucks."
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    The artwork's pretty cool, with all those..... trees..... and people sitting there.......
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    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
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    That Actually looks good!

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    Having higher standars with this new record now. Hoping for newer unhidden surprises and other stuff.

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