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Thread: basic mixing software

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    Default basic mixing software

    I switched from mac to pc and need mixing freeware. i've been wanting to make some covers, but have no software to record and edit.
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    I still use CoolEdit, though I've been told it's a very dated version of some other program which is much more widely used....also, I'm 99% sure it's not freeware....sorry, useless post
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    Use Reaper, seriously, the demo is free and un-crippled and for some reason never expires. So basically it's a free program It's really easy to use and figure out too, and if you need help with mixing in it I can help

    The interface is pretty simple to use, it's got tons of FX plugins and preset settings and whatnot. (Also, sneak peak-kinda at my mixtape song! This is what it looks like in picture form, haha)
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    from mac to pc
    Mac is a PC, you dumb-nut. (=^_ ^=)
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    Don't worry, Tim. There's a far more useless post in this thread...

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    I still use CoolEdit, though I've been told it's a very dated version of some other program which is much more widely used....also, I'm 99% sure it's not freeware....
    Adobe Audition, which is what I mostly use. The version I have is itself very old (maybe 8-10 years). It's pretty nice, but I don't know why I even use it because I have several other programs that are better including

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    REAPER REAPER REAPER REAPER REAPER. I can't sing its praises enough, so I won't. It's a fantastic piece of software, and the updates nearly come faster than you can download them.

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    i ve not hearing this software....does someone need dvds? please leave message for me.

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