I'm glad you did this, coke. Reminded me to get my butt in gear. Let's do this thang, guys! Quoting what I've already written, and might add to these. We'll see. PS: Mike, I like that you appreciated some of the track ordering I used :-) It was hard to find a place to put the dubstep track, and it was very deliberately placed after Ragnarok. And I definitely thought Roberta was the best opener. I also thought your song made for a fairly epic closer (minus bonus cover tracks).

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1. Roberta - Manic Subsidal

Well, the trumpet solo is my favorite part, for sure. But I like this whole song!! I'd never heard your music before, I don't think, but I like it! This song is a great time. Just a fun, upbeat tune with galloping, cool guitar licks, a nice melody, and of course a pretty trumpet solo :-) What do you do in the band? Or is it all you? I give it a 9/10.
I seriously love this song. Fake instruments have come a long way. It's hard to tell the trumpet's not real - you can still tell, but it's hard to identify.

2. Philosophy - Ricetigers

I don't remember the last track I heard from you, but your skills at recording and mixing have come a LONG way. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about your singing - it's just kinda not my bag - so the song isn't my favorite, but for a kind of punk rocker with deep vocals, it works very well! The guitar parts are well-done, by all means! Props, dude! If I remember correctly, you sing and play guitar? Or maybe I'm remembering wrong all together ;-) Anyway, 7.5/10!
I love the short guitar intro to this song. I dunno, it just works.

3. Dying Corpse - ThunderPX

This song honestly reminds me of some of Thibault's old stuff, but without the electronic parts and the breakdowns - and heavier overall. The programmed drums of course aren't doing any favors, but I understand, I've been there, there's no other option! I think this song is nice for what it is, but because there's no vocals, there are points in it where it kinda drags and I feel like there could be more going on. However, it showcases a decent set of guitar skills. It feels sometimes like instead of resolving the notes in a way that'd sound really nice, you went for something complicated and crazy instead, which kinda the song. I like your other song better, to be honest, but this song has definite potential! 6.5/10
Growl vocals would kick ass in this song. Coke is so right.

4. Arrested Development + Rise - Against Belief

A lot of people here love your brand of hard-hitting punk, and I totally get why. It's not my thing, but it's well-done - you always deliver the rock! The sound is very, very good, and the song(s) is/are very cohesive. For my ears, however, it's pretty standard punk, and there's nothing particularly new here for me. I think I'd enjoy it if you took your recording skill and talent for putting together a strong, cohesive song, and mix in a dash of creativity! Mix it up a bit... I dunno, that's just me, though ;-) 7/10
I def like how the first song rolls into the next here. Cool way to combine songs. I also like Rise more than Arrested Development. The harmonies in Rise are very cool at points.

5. Space Ranger - Random Goods

I think your melodies are the hardest part for me to enjoy in your songs. Your lyrics have improved, and the music overall has significantly improved. The song itself is nice, if not a bit dragging after a while... though I do like the bridge part with the distorted guitars. I think this song would go a long way with a little extra mixed in. A lot of it is just the same beat and guitar line with you singing. I know you said you would've added in more if we'd delayed it a week, so I'm actually curious about what you would've added - will you do it anyway and upload it later? :-) 6.5/10
Ryder, looking forward to hearing your new stuff Maybe there will be another Mixtape someday ;-) You've definitely improved since "Save the Day", which is really cool.

6. Ragnarok - Thibault Kervarech

This song would blow me away if it were done with live instruments. The arrangement is very nice, very deep. The strings don't sound *too* bad (those worse in higher registers), but that horn is painfully fake (it's so fake, it's hard to tell which kind of horn it's supposed to be). Because of this, the song actually improves for me once it embraces that it's an electronic song. The transition is awkward, but I really love the part around 4:00 minutes. Once that part starts, the song hits its stride - especially as it goes into the electro attack. After 6 minutes, it just kicks ass. I appreciate your skill for arranging and writing harmonies, but I definitely like your music most as an electronica-with-electric-guitar thing. 8.5/10

7. The Fackin' Gov'na - Allin All

Yeah, it's dub step... what can I say? Considering it's dub step and I don't care for dub step, it's pretty good. What I mean there is that this is more tolerable than a lot of what I've heard (Skrillez? Barf.) It has some nice parts, too. The softer parts like after 2:30 and the beginning are definitely nice. I'm sorry, though... it's just totally outside my taste. I can respect it for what it is, though. It's definitely not bad; I just don't care for it. 6/10

8. Watching Waves - Ciaran Lyttle

So chill. So, so very chill. This one took me a few listens to like, I have to admit, but now I really dig it. I agree with Mike that the added effects/sounds are nice. The simple drums work great here, too. Bit short, felt like it could've gone somewhere... probably my only gripe. Moar, plz! 9/10

9. 9 Crimes - me and lost, yo

Yeah, so like 3 years ago? Lost and I covered this Damien Rice song. I had a shitty keyboard from the 80s which had no sounds preloaded, so you had to insert and load sounds from floppy disks, and it had no internal speakers, so I had it plugged into an equally old, giant amp. I did the piano part and the fake strings with that keyboard. I'd have liked for the string parts to have been richer and fuller, plus they're a bit out of sync... and hell yeah I wish I had a real piano! But I enjoyed doing this with Karin. I like how our voices work together in the song. I really miss music in my life :-(
so gh3y/10

10. The Osiris Myth - Thibault Kervarich

This song starts out as something I'd never have expected from you... and then it goes into the chorus Very strange, very interesting. I still have a hard time with your singing voice, so that's a bit of a set-back for me... the synth breakdown is AWESOME, though. And I love the feel of the verses. I can't think right now of the word to describe that kinda rhythm, but it's great. The soft breakdown is really nice, too, with the keyboard and hi-hat (fake :-D) drums. 8/10

11. I Stole This Riff - Jim T

Yup, I love the riff. I love the melody. I love this whole song. I agree with Mike about the lyrics, but it's cool cause I'm not a lyric person at all. I like your voice, as well. The melodica solo owns everything. Well, when I went through the list of songs you sent me, this one immediately stood out to me. You're good, man. Besides the lyrics, the only other part that's rough is the falsetto. But props for trying it! Falsetto is super hard to pull off. 9.5/10

12. Victory (With a Capital Y) - T3

I. Like. Your. Music. I've liked all your songs since Underdog (still love that song), and you've only improved. You remind me of a lot of the good things about Green Day. You're a one-man-band, right? I love those scream background vocals during the chorus. It's a bit repetitive, but it doesn't even matter cause it's just good. The guitar solo just works, too. Nothing fancy or crazy, just what the song calls for. Great way to end the song. 9.5/10

13. Little Space Kid - Random Goods

You're first and foremost a bassist, right? More of a bassist than guitarist? If not, you should be. I love it when you focus on cool bass stuff like the intro to this song. Gotta admit, this song is much nicer than the other one. Love the whole intro. I agree with Mike that you need to just rock your voice out. I still sense so much inhibition and shyness, and the melody here is decent - if you just belted it out, it'd sound killer. I like the falsetto here, too. I recall another of your songs having this, as well, but this one definitely has slight hints of RHCP to it. Very cool. 8/10

14. Velouria - The Rosa Mystica

Now that Mike mentions it, this song DOES sound totally 90s! I can't remember, is it a cover? Your voice is nice... and so is the chorus. I like the ah-ah-ah-ah's ;-) This song is very good in terms of musicianship, but it's kinda boring in terms of structure. Fairly repetitive and overly subtle. Could've used a bit more oomph, especially considering it's 4 minutes long! 7/10

15. Canadiens - Primary Tones

Fuck you. Don't even pretend that you're not writing songs like this anymore. And stop it with the "it's bad cause I was sick" excuses. Seriously, fuck you. I love this song. Seriously probably the best song you've submitted to the mixtapes. I adore that guitar riff in the intro that comes back throughout. Also, OH WE JUST. CAN'T LIVE. LIKE THIS. Fuck yeah. No offense to anyone else who submitted, but this is the best song on the mix. And bty, your singing has improved. Or maybe I'm just used to it by now ;-) I fucking love that part where the guitars start going crazy and loud and then it all just shuts the fuck up and you just can't live like this. And then the awesome riff comes back. And that touch of female vocals adds so, so much to this song. And then the badass ending of the song with awesome guitar. Rock out. I'm gonna stop here cause I'm rambling. 10/10

That's the end of the album for me. I don't review the bonus songs, either.