2012 has already been a damn good year for new records, I must say. A lot of great stuff has been released just within the first five months, and I think it's time for one of these threads where we talk about what we've listened to.

So far this year, I've heard the following new albums:

Santigold - Master of my Make Believe
Fun. - Some Nights
Garbage - Not Your Kind of People
Regina Spektor - What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
Eve 6 - Speak in Code
The Used - Vulnerable
Tennis - Young and Old

And a few I've downloaded but haven't really given a chance to yet:
Kimbra - Vows
Yann Tiersen - Skyline

The best I've listened to so far, though, is Regina Spektor's. Holy shit. Not only is it her best work to date, but it's one of the best albums I've ever heard. I downloaded it three days ago and I already know all the songs and most of the lyrics. I can't stop listening to it. She re-discovered the balance between quirky and gorgeous, and it's perfect here. The dark songs are simply incredible, and the quirky songs aren't TOO quirky but just the right amount of fun (the last album was way too silly, she seemed to have lost the balance and just went overboard).

Otherwise, Santigold's album is pretty killer, and I dig Garbage's and The Used's and Tennis's outings. Eve 6's album is pretty god-awful. Very disappointing.