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Thread: Best albums so far of 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool 2 hate 681 View Post
    the one in the link is the project with atom willard it's called the hell

    his other project is called matt skiba and the sekrets that's the one with hunter from afi and the drummer from my chemical romance

    so far the hell only have 1 ep but are working on a full album

    and matt skiba and the sekrets put out a album and matt said there would be a second one in the future
    Great, thanks for the info! I'm gonna check out both... I'm often not a fan of Matt's side projects, but I enjoyed Heavens and I like some of his solo work. So we'll see! And working with dudes like Atom, Hunter, and the MCR drummer sounds pretty awesome.

    Edit: I found Matt Skiba and the Sekrets' album, but I can't find theHELL's. Anyone kind enough to share?

    Quote Originally Posted by Defender View Post
    I think it's time to start looking for new ones. I am taking a look at your lists and reviews right now
    That's pretty much the point of this thread! That's why I made it... I usually check for album releases on metacritic, but they don't tell you about everything, and people here often know about some other cool stuff
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