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Thread: Recording Bass On Laptop

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    Default Recording Bass On Laptop

    Can someone please tell me how the fuck is the easiest way to do this?
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    Plug you bass into your computer and then record it some kind of software.
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    use some program like cubase, and then find your sound with the plug-ins. it may take a while but it can turn out good

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    Get some kind of audio interface, I use a Lexicon Alpha, which is a fairly cheap little thing, but it's really reliable, and the sound quality is great. I use it to record guitar and bass. Here is a link to what it is

    Anyway, you plug your bass/guitar into that, and then run an audio program like Cubase or whatever, push the record button, and play.
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    I use a small Eurorack 10-input mixer to run things through. Coneman's solution also sounds quite good for what you're looking for - you can get a decent clean direct sound and then use literally any recording software to apply envelopes or effects. Since it's 1/4" in, you can also run effects pedals through them.

    So here's how it goes for me.

    Guitar->Effects->Mixer (1/4" cable in)->Stereo out (Y audio cable, 2 1/4" in the mixer, one 1/8" jack into the laptop microphone) -> Cakewalk.

    The cable setup was actually the hardest thing to take care of - avoiding buzz and other ambient noises. Generally, from what I've found, the fewer connections the better.
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