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Thread: Wild guess about Slim Pickens

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    it's not safe

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    Default O.o

    Wtf? ...

    encoding: Mp3-128kbps, bootleg rating: 7/10

    artist: The offspring
    date: 1997-08-09
    venue: Autopista center, buenos aires, argentina

    1. Bad habit
    2. The meaning of life
    3. Mota
    4. Genocide
    5. Cool to hate
    6. Gotta get away
    7. All i want
    8. Gone away
    9. Self esteem
    10. I choose
    11. Come out and play (keep 'em separated)
    12. Dirty magic
    13. What happened to you?
    14. Don't pick it up
    15. Territorial pissings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stylie View Post
    I'm SO with you on that one. Ya got mi vote, sir'!
    I think we are all alone on this one, thanks for the support anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxygene View Post
    Not really sure and it is speculation, because I havent heard it yet, but many people told me that I would really like Dividing by Zero and Slim Pickens... The kind of songs I am usually into is like Half Truism, Meaning of Life, TKAA... Etc. dont know if this helped
    Thanks, that's promising to know. Sounds like a strong album closer

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