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Thread: what has the offspring done for you

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    I listen to The Offspring now quite a bit was the 96 to 97 or so when I started to follow them, and from there in no time became my favorite band. Then I grew up very much, I discovered other musical genres and currents from the dark goth industrial to post-punk etc etc. ....... But they have always remained the number one for me.
    Their music has helped me overcome many moments of my life very hard and still does today!
    Now are in harmony with their sound, and runs through my blood and soul.

    If I'm still here ...... I have to thank them and their wonderful music.

    They have given me the strength to go forward, to change and grow .....

    They gave me the greatest gift anyone can receive, I have made ​​known to the music!

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    They turned me onto punk rock, alternative rock and rock music in general. Though them, I discovered some of my favorite bands like Bad Religion, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, Bad Brains, etc. They also made High School easier. Whenever it got real shitty, music (and The Offspring by extension) made is less stressful. And probably the most important was they helped me identify myself and figure out what kind of person I was. I know that sounds kinda weird, but I think the kind of music a person listens to defines them, given that music is such an important part of our lives, and I like to think that the Offspring music has defined me in small, but noticeable ways.

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    their music helped me through the roughest periods of my life, learning to cope with the dead of my mom, living in foster homes and never belong... I was always different and never fitted in because everyone thought it was strange when you donīt live with your parents... they helped me to become stronger, a fighter and gave me hope. I have to believe in myself and push to my own limits and beyond to go further in life.It sure hurts everyday but listening to the music of the offspring helped me and still does to hang on and donīt give up... so they helped me to grow up in the past 13 years and i hope they continue for a lot of years to come !

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    Well, the Offspring were the first band I ever called my favorite. And because they were such a big influence on me when I was younger, I got into the bands that inspired them or that they said they liked - Bad Religion, TSOL, AFI, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Social Distortion, etc. Basically, because of them, I got into punk rock, which has definitely changed my life for the better. I was a bit of a misfit all through middle and high school and going to punk shows gave me a sense of belonging that I hadn't really felt before. I don't consider the Offspring my favorite band anymore (Jawbreaker's my favorite now) but they're definitely one of the most important bands in my life, I'd say.

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