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Thread: Very bad review of CC by LA TIMES ...

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    I can understand that some people don't like the song and come to this forum and talk about it. But it is beyond me why some people read a negative review of the song, come to this website and bash the band for giving the damned journalists a reason to write a negative review. Journalists will ALWAYS find a reason to write a bad review if they want to. If it makes you so unhappy go bash the journalists for what they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hey Man Where's Everybody View Post
    Sorry you had to look up some of the words in my post. I'll keep it simple next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Camila View Post
    I talked about this with Manic Subsidal and my friend at the Alex's Bar show. I kind of knew something like this was going to be said.


    Am I still allowed to criticism around here? I sure hope so because I see a lot of unhappy people expressing their opinions without being flamed...

    Anyway, now everybody can understand my reaction when I first listened to CC. This is exactly what I was afraid of since Kristy and Fix you. I know the band takes whatever direction they want, but it upsets me that the path they are taking are not solidifying their career as I - as a fan - dreamed it to be; for example, like Bad religion, Social Distortion, Pennywise etc...

    PS: Yes, I do not work nor do I have a life. I am also a psychologically disturbed 12-year-old girl trapped in a a 32-year-old woman's body who needs a big penis inside her vagina and comes to the boards to get some attention. So, no need pointing it out.
    Welcome back Camila.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hey Man Where's Everybody View Post
    I dig this adjective.
    As do I.

    Quote Originally Posted by KennedyDK View Post
    I definetly dont wanna get caught in a shitstorm. That sounds awful
    Ever been in a field full of manure on a windy day?

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovellamas View Post
    Pff, last summer I went to see these guys, and they were more amazing!
    That was awfully disturbing.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarrellOCguy View Post
    Ho-Lee-SHIT! No one must have missed all this while you were gone. Godamn, go for a bike ride or something!
    That was unnecessary and rude.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jojan View Post
    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
    Quote Originally Posted by XYlophonetreeZ View Post
    For selfish reasons, I hope he's really dead. I really don't want to become known as "That guy who keeps making premature death threads for ethnic-looking dudes."

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    "Honestly, we didn't think we'd encounter the words "the Offspring" printed anywhere outside of a KROQ-FM festival."
    i thought we were not going to see offspring in the la times unless it was a kroq show

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