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    Default Days Go By Appreciation Thread!

    Post your thoughts and praises of the new album here. One thread makes it easier for the band to cycle through and see what fans think of the album.

    I'll start by saying the energy on this album is incredible, more than I think since at least Americana, and this maybe even makes that album look sluggish in comparison. The lyrics are incredibly strong, and I wish I had the liner notes to follow along so I don't miss them all. Unlike RAFRAG, which was my favorite album since Ixnay, this album starts and finishes strong, which is great to see. Yes the album is front-loaded with more up-tempo tracks, but the "experiments" in the second half of the album are pretty successful and the 1-2 punch of Db0 and Slim Pickens is incredible. At the risk of sounding unappreciative of all the work the band put into this album, I honestly am already eager for album 10.
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