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Thread: Issue with our moderators

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    Quote Originally Posted by weezly View Post
    hahahahhaha a link to creed!!! banned? should have given him a medal, thats hilarious!
    Any link to anything slightly Creed-related should result in a permanent ban and a fine of $100!

    Quand ils ont dis "Vous vous asseyez," je me suis levé.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manic subsidaI View Post
    Oh yeah for sure! Thanks for the reminder, I'm still totally going to record that! In fact, I'll post a poll soon to see what songs people would want to be on the album.

    The project has to be delayed though. It's just that I'm moving to some ghetto neighborhood in long beach where I don't want to bring all of my expensive mics, instruments, etc. This old spanish family I'm moving in with doesn't want loud acoustic music either. I know it kind of sucks but the rent is so cheap and I'll actually have a bed to sleep on now haha. I'll come back here once I find the right spot to record though. Thanks for showing some interest
    I understand. I can't wait, but I guess I'll have to.

    I know this is irrelevant, but I had Don't Go and You're A Slut (So What) open in my safari browser on my iPod for a month or something. I love your stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jojan View Post
    So really, The Offspring is only Ron. The rest of the band left. O_o
    Quote Originally Posted by XYlophonetreeZ View Post
    For selfish reasons, I hope he's really dead. I really don't want to become known as "That guy who keeps making premature death threads for ethnic-looking dudes."

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    I didnt get band so I cant whine... That pisses me off.. And I pirated the record and everything, I just didnt tell anyone.. Goddamit.

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