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Thread: Fix You vs All I Have Left Is You

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    Quote Originally Posted by brothadave79 View Post
    No, I really won't. I bought Conspiracy and Splinter when they came out, and they were cool to listen to. When RAFRAG debuted on Imeem I listened to it there, and the feeling was exactly the same - awesome. This time was no different. I already pre-ordered the album too, so I don't see what you find so "sneaky" about listening to a stream authorized by the band.

    And along the way I listened to every song as soon as it became available online, whether streamed by the band in full quality or shitty youtube versions of live tracks. Neither of these end up online by accident. When the band plays a new track live, they know full well it will end up on youtube. They've said so in interviews that they know they're debuting tracks "to the world" when they play them live for the first time.

    If the appeal for you is some sort of smug, self-denial thing, then do your own thing. But it doesn't make you more of "a fan," and it certainly doesn't give you any reason to pass judgment on anyone else on the boards for failing to live up to some ill-reasoned ethical code for listening to music.
    You will, wait and see.
    How about we talk about what this thread was meant for rather than argue like a bunch of trolls.
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