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Oh yeah, his degree in "animal science" or something. Oh yeah, and MORMONS they're so smart. OH and he's been a political figure. That must mean he's intelligent.

I'm not calling him an idiot based on his "achievements", but rather because of the things he says. He's inconsistent and just plain dumb. He's not the type of dumb as "derp herp ima durr". He's an idiot as in the "mildly educated hardcore christian preaching outside of schools that doesn't quite understand his subjects as well as he thinks he does".
Yeah, his animal science degree, you know the one. The one that says JD and Masters degree from Harvard. They probably hand them out at Star Wars conventions. And he is also an idiot because he's a Mormon? Spending 3 years as a missionary counts for nothing I guess.

Don't troll the thread genius. You seriously do not know what the hell you are talking about....wow.

How is this guy not banned?