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Without tax, gas in Germany is $5.16/gal. With tax, it's about $7/gal. Yep, the tax is higher. Is it "the vast majority" of the cost? Not even close to half, let alone majority. Is it 70%? Again, not even close. And gas in Europe is already more expensive WITHOUT tax than it is in the US WITH tax. So so much for your "the actual cost of gas" being "less in Europe than the US". How can you even take yourself seriously when you spout off with such unresearched nonsense?

Oh really? Four years ago in Minnesota, gas was around $4.50 a gallon. So what happened to this "magic number" of 4 in the Midwest?

Also, Wishomie admits he's from the Midwest Wisconsin is such a shithole.
Yeah, I said it may go above...briefly. I am from Iowa. Wisconsin sucks.