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Not even the GOP is saying his body was paraded around or that he was denied medical care. You're just watching grainy YouTube videos and projecting your own narrative. Hallucinations are not a good journalistic source.
I was not hallucinating. I saw the video yesterday at 3:45 pm. My hallucinations never begin before 6pm or so. Right after my second drink. The vids were not grainy, 4 people had the Gal s3, 7 had the Ipod4, the others were reaching down from their flea bitten camels and the humps got in the way of clearly id'ng the devices. Several were holding ripped and torn american flags.

I saw what i saw. It does not make me happy to know the murderous shitbags still may be breathing oxygen. We have 4 dead americans who by no means deserved to have their hopes and dreams ripped from this fucking planet by psychotic extremists over some pathetic video while the egyptian government did little or nothing to stop it.