Yeah, I was fuckin' stunned about last night.

I mean, wherever you stand politically, Obama choked. Bad. Whether that means anything I guess we'll have to wait and see, and I'm pretty sure that now in the second debate Obama's going to be pissed and on his game again, but still.

Romney's weird, he has this autopilot mode of bland and stuffy and earning a big "meh, I care not". But also these fleeting moments of "holy shit", tending to be in debates (the Gingrich stuff and last night) where he honestly convinces me. I just have this feeling that once a campaign's over and he doesn't have to pander to the extreme right "rah rah no taxes, die A-rabs, die" faction of his party, he'd be a fairly solid dude.

He says a lot of stupid shit, though, which is a shame. But I really have to admit when he's on-form, I could vote for the dude. It's just a matter of whether he stays with that Mitt Romney for the rest of the campaign, or wanders back over into Tardville.