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Sure, they "matter" -- tell that to Al Gore. But are they changing anyone's mind?

I already thought Romney was a douche, and the debate just sealed that deal. "I care about jobs, but not yours, Mr. Lehrer. Your work is not worthy."
When you owe $16,000,000,000,000, you may have to cut a few things from your past spending habits. In fact, it is damn irresponsible to think any other way. PBS may be one of them. If you were looking for work, Romney, and those of his ilk, would suddenly not be a douche. They are the ones who make things happen in the real world. He didn't sit back and wait for his assistance to roll in and then protest because he had less than the next guy. You dislike Romney for no other reason than he is a rich republican. If he offered you a $100,000 a year job, super guy.

When did Romney say Lehrer's work was not worthy?