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Rich snobs like Romney huh? That's odd... cause if my memory serves me right...and I am pretty fucking sure it does, 99% of Hollywood has given to Obama campaign fund raisers (ever see the list??, it's big), he has had $30,000 per plate functions, he took in record amounts from Wallstreet, John Corzine even endorsed him. Luckily, these poor bastards aren't considered rich. If they were I may be able to make a point. It escapes me though.
I didn't say all rich snobs support Obama. There you go, putting words in my mouth again. Also, I used the word "probably," which you ignored. Not all rich snobs support Romney, but most of the Romney supporters are likely rich snobs. I have not researched it, so I can not say for sure; I've been studying for my exams instead.