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It was kind of an unexpectedly poppy song for them at the time. I've warmed up to it since, but I still think some of the lyrics are kind of lame. "Your eyes told the tale / of an act of betrayal / I knew that somebody did," really? They *did* an act of betrayal? Whatever, it's still a million times the song BUMPIN IN MAH TRUNK will ever be :P
I agree, although "A Lot Like Me" was also unexpectedly poppy for them, and I loved that song instantly, and still love it now. I agree about the lyrics, although they are about a serious subject, I don't feel they have the impact that Dexter probably intended them to have... It's not terrible, but it's certainly not one of their best songs, though it is better than "Fix You". And yep, I'd also take it over Cruising California any day of the week! hehe :P