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Thread: The show from Brussels. (On video)

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    Smile The show from Brussels. (On video)

    Hi guys, i'm looking for the rest of the videos from this show.
    I've find many titles, but the half Ignition video are missing on Youtube, there's somebody here who's was recording the full entire show?

    01 Session / 02 We are one
    03 Kick him when he's down
    04 Take it like a man
    Not found
    05 Get it right
    06 Dirty magic
    07 Hypodermic
    Not found
    08 Burn it up
    Not found
    09 No hero
    Not found
    10 L.A.P.D
    Not found
    11 Nothing from something
    Not found
    12 Forever and a day
    * Intermission *
    13 All i want
    14 Nitro (Youth energy)
    15 You're gonna go far kid
    16 Days go by
    17 Meaning of life
    18 Come out and play
    19 Dividing by zero
    20 Slim pickens ...
    21 Staring at the sun
    22 Pretty fly
    23 The kids aren't all right
    24 Self esteem
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    There is a guy who has the complete show, but he only want to trade it, its one of the Self Esteem ones that are up on youtube
    The Offspring's Video Vault

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