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Thread: Help Al make a message board

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    Hey guys,

    Need to create a message board, somewhat like this one. Simple is fine, as long as it flows nicely (I thought the old one flowed very nicely all be it simple). Just need a place to discuss things, preferable in a place other people who aren't members can't see. And Free! Essentially I'm looking for something better organized than extremely long, unorganized chain emails.

    I see that my previous thread of this was deleted? Listen I'm just asking a community I've been involved in, a message board community that I've been an appreciative member of(and hopefully considered a valued contributor to), for a little help with message boards. I know some of these people have created their own boards in the past and would really value their input. Not the first time a community member has reached out for help to my knowledge? Nothing wrong with that in my eyes, and I would greatly appreciate if the community were allowed to give me their input.

    Thanks guys.
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    Your thread was probably deleted in the process of updating the forum. Quite a few threads and posts got deleted.

    As for the forum thing, I wouldn't know what to tell you, sorry.
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    Al, do you have your own website to host it on? Otherwise you'd have to go for something like or what 1565 suggested.
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